Which DCC deocder is right for the job?

The answer could be that there is more then one DCC decoder that could work for your specific application.  Also many decoders could be labeled for a particular scale such as then Digitrax DZ143PS (indicating Z Scale) or DH123D (Indicating HO Scale) or an NCE N14IP (indicating N Scale).  In most cases you can use a Z or N Scale decoder in larger HO engines, in fact this is sometimes necessary to do in order for a decoder to fit!

The main factors to consider when choosing a decoder are:

What functions do I need?

What is the max stall current of the motor?

And do you want sound or the ability to add on sound?

And of course… will it fit?

If you have any questions check out our Knowledge Base or send us an email at info@dccinstalled.com


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