Athearn teams up with Soundtraxx!

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Here is the Press Release from Athearn:
April 29, 2009

Athearn to Offer SoundTraxx Tsunami Equipped Locomotives

Athearn Trains is excited to announce that all sound-equipped HO-scale Genesis locomotives, as well as Athearn N Scale and Roundhouse sound locomotives announced after April 27th, 2009 will proudly feature SoundTraxx Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders. Custom designed for Athearn, these state-of-the-art Digital Sound Decoders will include the following features:

* Tsunami technology that provides smoot and precise locomotive operation.
* Back-EMF control for consistent operating speeds.
* Compatible with the NMRA DCC Standards and Recommended Practices.
* Dual-mode capability to allow for operation on Analog or DCC layouts.
* 16-bit digital processor provides CD quality sound technology.
* Diesel decoders will include the following sound effects: prime mover startup/shutdown, bell, air horn (with several user-selectable horn types), air compressor, turbocharger (where applicable), dynamic brakes (where applicable), brake squeal, fans, coupler crash, and many more.
* Steam decoders will include the following sound effects: exhaust chuff, bell, whistle, air pump, dynamo, injectors, and many more.
* HO-Scale models will feature effect lighting (as applicable per prototype), including:
o Mars oscillating signal lights (clear and red, as applicable per prototype)
o Pyle Gyralights (clear and red, as applicable per prototype)
o Western-Cullen rotary beacons
o Prime Stratolite sequential beacons
o Xenon Strobes
o Flashing ditch lights
o and more!
* Programmable acceleration, deceleration, and starting voltage.
* Supports 14-bit address modes for addressing any Loco number up to 9,999.
* Supports programming on the main.

Please visit keyword: SoundTraxx, to obtain a list of specific locomotives that will be equipped with SoundTraxx Digital Sound decoders.

The Folks at Athearn


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