New Exactrail Car! The Evans 5277 Box Car in HO Scale

Available January 5th!
New Release! HO Scale Evans 5277 Box Car
Visit to Pre-Order Today!

These will sell out fast!

The Evans 5277 Box Car features:

  • Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
  • Never before produced in any scale!
  • Precision micro-tooled
  • ExactRail’s CNC-machined metal wheel sets
  • ExactRail’s equalized ASF 70 ton Ride Control trucks or
    70 ton Barber S-2 trucks as per the prototype
  • Seperately applied details
  • Wire grab irons
  • Razor sharp painting and printing
Roads Sku: Road Number
D&H: EE-1500-1: 25708 EE-1500-2: 25765 EE-1500-3: 25774
ATW: EE-1501-1: 4204 EE-1501-2: 4221 EE-1501-3: 4236
EEC: EE-1502-1: 3206 EE-1502-2: 3210 EE-1502-3: 3212
IC: EE-1503-1: 501617 EE-1503-2: 501629 EE-1503-3: 501657
MB: EE-1504-1: 5005 EE-1504-2: 5169 EE-1504-3: 5234
NSL: EE-1505-1: 151489 EE-1505-2: 151555 EE-1505-3: 151669

A ‘Plate C’ for your IPD.

Empowered by its acquisition of United States Railway Equipment (USRE,) Evans-USRE built box cars became the company standard during the IPD box car boom of the 1970s. With modern upgrades such as box-corrugated, non-terminating ends, Stanray X-panel overhanging roof, and riveted car sides near the end posts, the Evans 5277 is a classic box car of the IPD era.

A hallmark of the 1970’s box car boom, ExactRail is the first-ever to tool the Evans-USRE 5277 plate C box car! Faithful to the prototype, ExactRail’s Evans 5277 is dressed with authentic features and precision details. Complete with NRUC herald plates on appropriate box cars, wire form details, nailable steel floor, fully detailed draft boxes, ExactRail recreates one of the most common prototypes never offered in model form.

Recreate the diversity of the prototype with one of the most common boxcars of the modern era, innovate your rolling stock with ExactRail’s Evolution Series Evans 5277 box car.


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