Another new model from BLMA the F89-J 89′ Flat Car!

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– The Prototype
Built for Trailer Train by ACF between 1966-68, the visually unique “F89-J” 89’ Flat Car was produced  for TOFC service and was the only standard-height, bowl deck car of this design by ACF. Easily identified as a common asset in the vast TTX car fleet, over 1,600 F89-J’s haul trailers, pipe, rail, bulk loads, and hundreds remain in service today! Not easily confused with any other 89’ flat car, pre-order your F-89J’s and add flair to your freight roster!

– RTTX Cars (1990’s+)
With over 1,600 F89-J’s in TTX’s roster, these cars have served in numerous freight hauling capabilities.  As modeled, our RTTX (post 1990’s TTX paint scheme) F89-J’s feature the ultra-common “Triple 28’/Twin 45′” trailer configuration.  Furthermore, each model comes with road number-specific deck and paint detail!  Got trailers?  Load’em up!

– The Models
Like all BLMA projects, our research began with builder drawings, actual dimensions, and thousands of photographs.  As the first F89-J produced in any scale, these fine-scale models replicate the unique, ribbed-side design of the prototype and feature class-specific hitch, deck, and brake detail…not to mention, accurate lettering per prototype!

Along with the fine-scale attention to detail you’ve come to know from BLMA Models, these models ride on 70-Ton trucks and fine-scale metal wheels!  Furthermore, these models feature body-mounted Kadee #58 scale couplers.


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