We’re going Green!

August 18, 2009

Were going green with the latest ExactRail car!

Never before produced in HO scale! ExactRail is pleased to offer the Greenville 60’ Double Plug Door Box Car.


This car is one of the only “modern” era box cars to incorporate so many of the “old” build practices of the previous 50 years. With non-overhanging, rivet-edge diagonal panel roof, dreadnought ends, 8ft YSD plug doors, double sheathed side construction and overlapping rivet plates, ExactRail recreates one of the most unique and aesthetically pleasing box cars of all time.

The Greenville 60’ Double Plug Door Box Car is complete with separately applied air hoses, wire cut-bars secured with special P-90 detailed loop eyes, separately applied stand-off brake rigging, and wire formed, drop down grab irons.


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Innovation is big at ExactRail. Enjoy the Next Generation of Model Railroading today.