BLMA Models makes some great accessories for both N Scale and HO Scale for your model railroad

April 24, 2015

BLMA Models makes some great accessories for both N Scale and HO Scale for your model railroad. One of our favorites is BLMA’s modern billboard. This would be right at home on any model railroad layout from 1980 or modern day.

You can use the pre-printed billboards that come with the model or photograph real billboards and print your own.

520aThe model has lots of great detail including etched metal walkways!


The Duke is there to over see things at Norfolk Southern’s yard in Lancaster, Pa

Check the BLMA Models billboards out today!

Click Here for HO Scale

Click Here for N Scale

BLMA also makes a variety of other layout accessories from Signal and Electrical Cabinets, Porta Pottys, Concrete and Rubber Grade Crossings, Bridges, and scale figures. Check out to see these and other great model railroading products!

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BLMA Models does it again! HO & N Scale 64′ Modern UP/ARMN Reefers!

July 16, 2010

BLMA 64' Modern Reefer

You have all seen them on the rails across the country, now you will be able to add them to your layout! These 64′ Trinity Built Modern Reefer cars can be seen in Unit Trains or in mixed manifest freights all over the US.

– The Prototype
Built by Trinity Rail starting in late 2003, the unique 64′ Reefer Box Car was designed for increased capacity, shipping protection, and loading/unloading efficiency.  Large enough to fit the equivalent of four 53′ truck trailer contents, these excess height, plate ‘F’ cars have given new life to the once flourishing refrigerated movement of produce and other perishable goods.

– Prototype Service (1993+)
With 1,500 of these massive cars in service, the 64′ Reefers have literally taken tens of thousands of truck trailers off the highways, paving the way for lower-emissions and increased capacity handling.  Furthermore, Railex Corporation has begun shipping produce in solid unit trains from their locations in Washington, California, and New York.

BLMA models is always innovative in the products that they choose to produce. This one is no exception! The long awaited release of this car is now closer then ever. As the first 64′ Reefers ever produced in any scale, these fine-scale models replicate the huge, modern appearance of the prototype – complete with end platform detail, correct printing, and lots of other fine-scale detail.

But the thing we like most about this release is that Craig kept the price reasonable! With a retail price of $29.95 for the HO model and $24.99 for the N Scale model we will be able to offer these cars at a great price to you!

The PRE-ORDER cut off date for these models is September, 15th 2010

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BLMA 64' ARMN Reefer

BLMA TopGon 2nd Release is here!

January 26, 2010

The latest model from BLMA has arrived. The G86-R model is the 2nd release from BLMA Models in HO and N Scales. As many of you already know these things are amazing! There are 24 Roadnumbers all with the Norfolk Southern TopGon Logo and some with yellow safety striping!

Click Here to get yours today! These will not last long!

Check out this video from BLMA!

BLMA N Scale TopGons on SALE!

October 27, 2009

We have lowered the price of all remaining N Scale TopGon coal cars to only $12.99 each! Start or add to your Norfolk Southern Coal train today! Ask us about loads for your TopGon cars too!



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Another new N Scale car from BLMA Trinity 53′ Spine Cars!

October 9, 2009

BLMA has made another great announcement for the N Scale market! The 5-Unit 53′ Spine car is just what intermodal modelers have been waiting for! The Trinity 53′ “RAF53C” 5-Unit Spine Car will feature BLMA’s new highly detailed and smooth running trucks and wheel sets. These highly detailed cars will both look and track great!


More Features!

•  Die-Cast Metal & Plastic
•  Fine-Scale Detail All Around
•  Chemically Etched Walkways
•  Accurately Painted/Printed
•  Prototypical Ride Height
•  Collapsed or Raised Hitches!
•  ALL-NEW 70-Ton ASF Ride Control Trucks!
•  ALL-NEW Scale Profile Metal Wheels
•  Body-Mounted Micro-Trains Couplers
•  Four Unique TTAX Numbers!

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Sneak Peak at BLMA Models NEW N Scale freight car!

August 24, 2009

New N Scale Freight Car Announcement…Coming Soon!

BLMA is more than a little excited about their next freight car in N Scale! In fact, they’re so excited, they have shared a small portion of the 3D CAD engineering with us (make that, a very small portion). Here are some hints to keep you guessing: It rides on 100-Ton trucks, it’s NOT a one road car, and it’s NEVER been done in N Scale. Care to guess?


Any Guesses? Post a comment if you have one!

BLMA Models Modern Billboard in N Scale is here!

February 24, 2009

BLMA N Scale modern billboard
Click Here
to check out the billboards!

We carry many BLMA Models Accessories in both HO Scale and N Scale. Visit to see them all.

BLMA models electrical boxesElectrical Boxes are now available in HO & N Scale