New 50′ Evans-USRE 5277 Boxcars from ExactRail Coming Soon!

September 7, 2011

New HO Scale 50′ Evans-USRE 5277 Boxcars from ExactRail Coming Soon! This will be release in there feature packed and affordable Evolution Series line.

This car will be available in several roadnames including, Burlington Northern (BN), Rock Island, Railbox (RBOX), Louisiana Midland Railway (LOAM), and Lake Erie Franklin & Clarion (LEF) and also as an undecorated kit.

We will add them here as soon as more details are released.


Exactrail 4427 Covered Hoppers and PC&F Beer Cars Still Available!

January 8, 2010

We have many cars available that are sold out at Exactrail!

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Exactrail Southern Pacific, PC&F 6033 Box Car: 70’s 80’s Paint!

November 9, 2009


Southern Pacific, PC&F 6033 Box Car

Exactrail’s most sought after car’s to date, ExactRail is pleased to be delivering the Southern Pacific PC&F 6033 Box Car in all-new late 1970’s to late 1980’s era paint!

Pacific Car & Foundry’s 6033 cubic capacity box car is one of America’s most sleek and classy hy-cube box cars. Southern Pacific eventually took delivery of two hundred of these cars and employed them in various service assignments throughout the country. Now operating for privates, many of these cars are still in service today.

Masterfully recreated, ExactRail’s PC&F 6033 is complete with classic, double-sheathed construction, 3/3/3/1 dreadnaught ends, diagonal panel, overhanging roof, and single 10’-6” YSD sliding doors. Only offered by ExactRail, this model is sure to please even the most discerning enthusiast. ExactRail’s SP box car is accurately matched with the prototypically correct 70 ton Barber S-2 trucks and finished with complete Hydra-Cushion underbody detailing.

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Exactrail 4427 Covered Hopper and Trinity Hy-Cube shipping soon!

July 12, 2009

There is still time to pre-order these 2 exciting new cars from We have already increased our order a few times to meet demand!ep-80153-bn-hopper-07

Check out the high-res info sheets that Exactrail has sent out!

HO Scale 4427 PS2-CD low-side Covered Hopper

HO Scale Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar

N Scale Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar

Our prices are around 20% of retail on these high quality cars!



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