New 50′ Evans-USRE 5277 Boxcars from ExactRail Coming Soon!

September 7, 2011

New HO Scale 50′ Evans-USRE 5277 Boxcars from ExactRail Coming Soon! This will be release in there feature packed and affordable Evolution Series line.

This car will be available in several roadnames including, Burlington Northern (BN), Rock Island, Railbox (RBOX), Louisiana Midland Railway (LOAM), and Lake Erie Franklin & Clarion (LEF) and also as an undecorated kit.

We will add them here as soon as more details are released.


Atlas HO Scale ACF® 4650 Centerflow Hopper Coming Soon!

December 11, 2009

Visit the Upcoming products page at and select Atlas Master from the drop down above to Pre-Order or see them all today!

Atlas ACF® 4650 Centerflow Hopper

New Road Numbers!

Undecorated models include 3 hatch arrangements and 2 different outlets.
Standard MSRP:
White Rose Hobbies: $24.59
Estimated Delivery:
January 2010

  • Etched metal roof walks
  • Detailed brake gear
  • Blackened metal wheels
  • Accurate painting and printing
  • 100-ton roller-bearing trucks and body mounted AccuMate couplers with screw-attached coupler pockets.
AccuMate® couplers are made under license from AccuRail, Inc.
Item# Road Name Road Number Built Date Other Date
ACF® 4650 Centerflow Hopper Post-1971 – New Road Numbers!
1450 Undecorated
20 000 622 ADM (Gray/Blue/White/Black) 65030 1980 1984
20 000 623 ADM (Gray/Blue/White/Black) 65033 1980 1984
20 000 624 Burlington Northern (3 Line) (Green/White) 458433 1971 1992
20 000 625 Burlington Northern (3 Line) (Green/White) 458477 1971 1992
20 000 626 BNSF “Swoosh Logo” (Brown/White) 402042 1977 2006
20 000 627 BNSF “Swoosh Logo” (Brown/White) 403682 1977 2006
20 000 628 Chessie System* (WM) (Yellow/Blue) 602430
20 000 629 Chessie System* (WM) (Yellow/Blue) 602436
20 000 630 Cotton Belt (Heritage Logo) (Gray/Black) 70094 1979 1979
20 000 631 Cotton Belt (Heritage Logo) (Gray/Black) 70429 1979 1979
20 000 632 Sclair (DOCX) (Orange/White/Black) 46501
20 000 633 Sclair (DOCX) (Orange/White/Black) 46515
20 000 634 Tuscola & Saginaw Bay (Yellow/Black) 4901
20 000 635 Tuscola & Saginaw Bay (Yellow/Black) 4949
HO ACF® 4650 Centerflow Hopper Pre-1971 – New Road Numbers!
1400 Undecorated
20 000 636 French’s (Gray/Black/Red) 47092
20 000 637 French’s (Gray/Black/Red) 47109
20 000 638 Norfolk Southern (Gray/Black) 251081
20 000 639 Norfolk Southern (Gray/Black) 251130

Rapido Trains Wide Vision Caboose will soon be in-stock!

December 3, 2009

Rapido Trains Inc. announced that it will begin producing HO scale freight equipment. The first product in the firm’s new Transcona Yard freight line will be the HO scale Transcona Yard Wide Vision Caboose, based on the Canadian Pacific Ry. prototype. This may be the most detailed caboose model ever made, and it includes a full interior, see-though steps and platforms, interior lighting, and WORKING MARKER LIGHTS. Not bad for $59.95 (WRH Price only $49.99).

Available in:

  • Burlington Northern
  • Chessie
  • Cotton Belt
  • Great Northern
  • Santa Fe
  • Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo
  • Undecorated
  • Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
  • Conrail
  • Canadian Pacific – Engineering Services
  • Delaware & Hudson
  • Denver & Rio Grande Western
  • Essex Terminal
  • Missouri – Kansas – Texas (MKT)
  • New Brunswick Southern
  • CSX
  • Northern Pacific
  • Check out the Rapido Trains pages on to see them all!

Exactrail Product Announcements: HO Scale Gunderson 5200 Box Car & PC&F Beer Car

October 31, 2009

New Product Announcements: Gunderson 5200 Box Car & PC&F Beer Car

ExactRail announces the release of the new PC&F Beer Car in the ExactRail Platinum Series. Refresh your layout with the most innovative manufacturer in the industry and update your rolling stock with ExactRail’s PC&F Beer Car. The PC&F Beer Car will be available for purchase on early December 2009.

blog_sp_beer_carBeginning in 1977, Pacific Car and Foundry (PC&F) released a heavily insulated refrigerator car with internal, air-bag loading devices and 20″ travel, sliding-sill underframe. These cars affectionately became known as “Beer Cars” for the refreshing cargo that they frequently carried.

ExactRail has engineered and tooled the most accurate version of the PC&F Beer Car ever! As the third release in our ground breaking Platinum Line, ExactRail’s PC&F Beer Car is complete with our exclusive stand-apart door tracks, separately applied door bars, wire-formed coupler cut levers, and separately applied air hoses. With stand-off brake rigging, drop down brake rods, wire formed brake clevis hangers, and CNC-machined ASF 100 ton Ride Control trucks, ExactRail satisfies your demands with the precision you desire.

The Platinum Series PC&F Beer Car will be available in the following roadnames (3 #’s each):

Southern Pacific (SP) – Missouri Pacific (MP) – Santa Fe (ATSF) – Burlington Northern (BN) – Western Pacific (WP) – Burlington Northern (RBCS)

MSRP: $29.95  WRH: $23.99

ExactRail also announces the release of the all new Gunderson 5200 Box Car in the ExactRail Express Series. With the ExactRail Express Series, ExactRail brings precision and innovation to you for less. The 5200 Box Car will be available for purchase on early December 2009.

blog_bn_5200Built in the late sixties and early seventies, the Gunderson 5200 is a classic-looking boxcar with modern appeal. Constructed near the end of the internal post, double sheathed box car era, the straight sill and centered YSD 8ft doors lends itself to clean modern symmetry on a car with vintage aesthetics.

Faithful to the prototype, ExactRail reproduces the Gunderson 5200 with accurate 4/4 corrugated ends, non-overhanging roof, notched sill, and double 8′ doors. Furthermore, ExactRail matches the correct ASF 70 Ton Ride Control or Barber 70 Ton S-2 trucks of the BN, SP and SP&S prototypes with ExactRail’s exclusive equalized trucks and CNC-machined wheels.

The Express Series Gunderson 5200 Boxcar  will be available in the following roadnames:

Spokane Portland & Seattle (SP&S) – Southern Pacific (SP) – Burlington Northern (BN) – Chessie System (B&O) – Louisville & Nashville (L&N) – Gulf Mobile & Ohio (GM&O)

MSRP: $19.95  WRH: $15.99

To reserve any of these new models please email us at or call us at 717-505-8676

NEW Exactrail N Scale car announced, the PS-4000 Covered Hopper in N Scale!

October 13, 2009

Exactrail has just announced their latest car in the N Scale Series, the PS-2CD 4000 Covered Hopper. The car will be available in Southern Pacific, ATSF, CNW, ICG, MILW, Wabash, Norfolk & Western, Southern, Burlington Northern, and Northern Pacific!

These cars will feature: Etched Metal Details, CNC machined wheels, razor sharp printing and precision tooling!

Coming to soon!