We’re going GREEN! Check out the 2 latest announcements from ExactRail!

August 2, 2011

Click Here for the 60′ Box Cars

The HO Scale Box Cars are available in Norfolk Southern NS, Conrail CR, Penn Central PC, Detroit Toledo & Ironton DT&I, and CSX/NYC ex-Conrail.

Click Here for the 65′ Mill Gondolas

The HO Scale  gondolas are available in Missouri Pacific MP, Southern Pacific SP, Chicago & Northwestern C&NW, & UP/MP


Athearn Genesis GP15-1’s Available for Pre-Order!

October 27, 2009


Athearn is releasing the GP15-1 in their Genesis Line. This will be the most prototypical and detailed GP15-1 on the market.

• Fully assembled and ready to operate
• State-of-the-art tooling
• Detailed fuel tank • See-through etched radiator intake grilles
• Etched top radiator screens
• Sliding cab windows
• DCC Quick-Plug™ equipped (8 or 9 Pin)
• Directional Lighting
• Blomberg-B or Blomberg-M sideframes, per prototype
• Super-Smooth Athearn Genesis® Trucks and Motor
• Hex drive line
• Etched windshield wipers• Etched lift rings
• Directional Headlights
• Operating front / rear ditch lights (per prototype and era)
• Sander Lines, air filters, and other under frame detail
• Sound Units Feature SoundTraxx Tsunami Sound Decoders
• McHenry® Scale Knuckle Spring Couplers
• Razor sharp painting and printing
• Machined nickel-plated and blackened RP25 wheels
• Many separate injection-molded, lost-wax, and photo-etched parts
• Molded Celcon handrails (now with one-piece end handrails for increased durability)
• Many, RR specific-details, such as C&NW “Gong” Bell, MP extra jacking pads, etc.
• Impingement (louvered) or Inertial Air Filter (“dustbin hatch”) carbody versions, per prototype
• Plows, MU hoses, MU cables, and other end details per prototype and era

• Tsunami sound units from SoundTraxx are compatible with both DCC and DC operations.
• Program an M/U lashup with lead unit only horn, bell and lights.
• Full DCC functions when in DCC mode.

Available in Chicago Northwestern, Conrail, Missouri Pacific, and Norfolk Southern.

DC Retail $169.98     WRH (20%) $135.99

DCC/Tsunami Sound Retail $269.98     WRH (20%) $215.99

Click Here to Pre-Order!

July Product Updates!

July 3, 2009

There are many new products hitting the site this month! Most notably the second wave of the N Scale KATO SD70ACe in Southern Pacific and Chicago & Northwestern Heritage paint schemes. Also the newest N Scale car from Exactrail will be here in a few weeks, the Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar.  In HO Scale we have the next releases from Exactrail. They have proven themselves with their first few cars and the new Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar and PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper are another quality offering! Also the new Athearn Genesis F45’s with Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound.

N Scale

Click to see what is available now!

HO Scale

TTX FBOXPS-2CD 4427Available for Pre-Order now on DCCinstalled.com

NEW Bowser HO Scale 100-Ton Tripple Hoppers!

July 1, 2009

Bowsers latest run of RTR 100-Ton Hoppers has arrived! This run includes the Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPLX) cars in both the double yellow end and single yellow end scheme (Sold Out at Bowser!). Other road names include Reading & Northern (RBMN), Norfolk Southern, and Chicago & Northwestern (C&NW).




Click here to see them now!