Exactrail 4427 Covered Hopper and Trinity Hy-Cube shipping soon!

July 12, 2009

There is still time to pre-order these 2 exciting new cars from dccinstalled.com. We have already increased our order a few times to meet demand!ep-80153-bn-hopper-07

Check out the high-res info sheets that Exactrail has sent out!

HO Scale 4427 PS2-CD low-side Covered Hopper

HO Scale Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar

N Scale Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar

Our prices are around 20% of retail on these high quality cars!



Available for Pre-Order now on DCCinstalled.com


New Exactrail N Scale Hy-Cube Boxcar!

June 22, 2009

Exactrail has announced its latest offering in N Scale! The Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar. The car is being offered in four road names with a total of fifteen road numbers and will be released on July 15th.

Trinity N Scale Hy-Cube

Click Here to see whats coming!

Exactrail Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar Announced!

June 4, 2009


The Trinity Hy-Cube box car is the newest addition to Exactrail’s  product line up. The Trinity Hy-Cube box car is part of their Evolution Series which provides great detail with beautiful paint schemes and many road numbers to choose from. These cars come with the best trucks and wheels in the business, highly detailed construction, and even metal parts, all at a great price.

This box car comes in 4 road names and 15 total road numbers.


TTX (Yellow): 505248 505269 505291 505325 505355 505376
SRY (Red): 9339 9372 9416 SRY (Blue): 5472 5520 5539
CN (Brown): 405610 405658 405682

exactrail trinity hy-cube boxcar

Expected to arrive July 15th 2009

…along with the PS 4427 Covered Hopper in the ExactRail Platinum Series

Introducing ExactRail!

February 1, 2009


ExactRail Welcome

In Addtion to our locomotives with DCC installed we are starting to carry more rolling stock and model railroading accessories. We will be stocking ExactRail Rolling stock and also trucks and wheelsets. ExactRails first offerings include PC&F 6033 cu. ft. Hy-Cube Boxcars, Gunderson 7466 cu. ft. Wood Chip Gondola, Vert-A-Pac Automobile Car and they have more on the way!

Check out their new website: http://www.exactrail.com/

We have also listed some items on our website while we wait for them to arrive! Check them out here!