NEW Amtrak Set from KATO, GE P42 Amfleet & Viewliner Phase IV Locomotive and 5-Car Set!

August 4, 2010

For the first time KATO is makeing the Intercity Amfleet II available in N Scale along with Phase IV Viewliners. At last the dream of modeling 90’s ear to East Coast trains can be a reality!

Click Here or on the coaches above for more information!


KATO adds 2 more GG1’s in Amtrak and Penn Central Paint!

July 31, 2010

2 new paint schemes for the KATO GG1!

KATO has announced 2 more paint schemes to the popular N Scale GG1. The new locos will be painted in 2 numbers for both Amtrak and Penn Central! Click Here to check them out today! They are expected to be released in December 2010. Pre-Order now!

New N Scale announcement from KATO, 2 new freight sets, and GS-4 Paint Schemes…

July 20, 2010

KATO GS-4 Loco

Kato has announced 3 more N Scale GS-4 Locos. There will be 2 new locos in he Daylight Scheme with the smaller Southern Pacific Lines Lettering. The 3rd loco will be #4449 in the American Freedom Train Paint. We will be offering all 3 of the new locos with a DCC Updgrade option. Click Here or the photo above for more info on features and pricing!

They have also announced 2 freight train sets. Every hobby begins with a single step; start off on the right foot with a Kato “Starter Series” train set! Ideal for beginning modelers who already have a track setup or who are looking to purchase one of Kato’s Master Series Track Sets. Each set includes a Kato locomotive along with an assortment of appropriate rolling stock to create a great beginning train that is both enjoyable and versatile – just add track and power! Everything included meets the same high standards as Kato’s individually packaged products, and are fully capable of being expanded or rolled into existing layouts. Click Here or on the photo above to check them out!

Each F7 Freight Train set includes one of Kato’s EMD F7A locomotives, two ACF Covered Hoppers, a tank car, and an appropriately painted caboose. The F7A locomotives are DCC friendly and can be easily upgraded for Digital Command Control.

KATO Limited Edition C&NW Dynanmic Duo is available NOW!

July 10, 2010

The headliner of GE’s 1993 freight locomotive line was the 6 motor, 4400hp C44-9W “Dash 9.” Slightly longer than its predecessors at 73 feet, 2 inches, the C44-9W used a new HiAd, bolsterless low-weight truck that was designed for better grip on the rails no matter the weather. A split cooling system lowered engine temperatures and fuel consumption as well, granting these locomotives a longer operation life and lower overhead costs.

The Kato C44-9W Has been retooled from its original N scale incarnation; featuring separately molded handrails, new walkways with crisper detailing, new undercarriage and fuel tank detailing, high mounted ditch lights and a prototypically more accurate anti-climber, molded MU hoses, illuminated numberboards, prototypical late type Hi-Ad trucks, and a new Kato straight shank knuckle coupler for a more prototypical appearance. The Chicago & North Western railroad, long since incorporated into the Union Pacific, lives on to this day in the form of C44-9W #8646 and #8701, the last surviving locomotives still to bear their original Chicago & North Western colors. These two locomotives are a favorite of C&NW followers, and Kato is proud to announce their production in both N and HO Scales in a limited run to pay homage to these long-lasting locomotives.

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to check them out!

N Scale KATO SD80MAC’s in CSX & Norfolk Southern now available!

July 10, 2010

N Scale KATO SD80MAC’s in CSX & Norfolk Southern now available!

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Weighing in at more than 400,000 pounds and with a length in excess of 80 feet and massive 5,000 horsepower tractive effort, the SD80MAC is one of the heaviest, longest, and most powerful single diesel locomotives in the world. Conrail was the first railroad to receive the SD80MAC in early 1996. As it would turn out, Conrail would be the only original buyer of this locomotive, even purchasing both of the demonstrator units. CSX and Norfolk Southern have since acquired these units, using them primarily in coal service.

176-5511 New Product N EMD SD80MAC CSX “Dark Future” 4594 $110 MAP
176-5512 New Product N EMD SD80MAC CSX “Dark Future” 4599 $110 MAP
176-5513 New Product N EMD SD80MAC Norfolk Southern “Horsehead”
w/ white “unibrow”
7208 $110
176-5514 New Product N EMD SD80MAC Norfolk Southern “Horsehead”
w/ white “unibrow”
7210 $110 MAP

Coming Spring 2010 from KATO! The N Scale ES44AC GEVO

December 6, 2009

Prototype Information:

The ES (Evolution Series) of locomotives are built by GE Transportation Systems and designed to meet the U.S. EPA’s Tier 2 locomotive emissions standards that took effect in 2005. These Evolution Series locomotives are equipped with AC traction motors and are powered by a newly designed “GEVO-12” 12 cylinder engine that produces the same power as the 16 cylinder AC4400CW, but with fewer emissions and greater fuel economy. It also carries a redesigned air-to-air dual-fan heat exchanger, which gives it its distinct “oversized” radiator; a common spotting feature for these new locomotives.

KATO Model features:

  • Multiple body styles to reflect different “as delivered” railroad specifications
  • Powerful five-pole KATO motor with dual brass flywheels
  • Directional Headlight and illuminated, preprinted numberboards
  • Illuminated ditch lights
  • Kato magnetic knuckle coupler
  • DCC Friendly mechanism ready for drop-in decoder installation

Visit White Rose Hobbies and search “KATO ES44” to see them all!  They will be available in Union Pacific and Canadian Pacific for the initial release!

Last 3 KATO UP Heritage SD70Aces have arrived!

October 9, 2009

The last 3 units in the UP Heritage Series have arrived! You can now add the Western Pacific, MKT, and MoPac SD70ACe’s to your collection.




Click Here to see them all now!

Very Limited!