Check out the all new wireless lighting system from MRC, the LIGHT GENIE

February 7, 2016

Check out the all new wireless lighting system from MRC, the LIGHT GENIE!

They are available on White Rose Hobbies / DCCinstalled here:

Light Genie’s Applications Go Well Beyond Model Railroad Layouts

Uses for Light Genie’s broad array of features and lighting effects go beyond the obvious benefits to model railroaders. Applications for this never before available, radio controlled lighting system include sci-fi, auto and truck, ship, and aircraft modelers. Hobbyists at a show or other venue are no longer limited to placing manual lighting controls at the base of their models. Now, model lighting effects can be wirelessly controlled from up to 90′ feet away.

Sci-fi modelers can use it for engine, navigation and internal lighting; sequential alternating lights for UFOs and countless light effects for Starships. Auto and truck modelers can use it for headlights, flashers and strobes for emergency vehicles. Aircraft hobbyists will be able to realistically setup taxiing and landing lights, an under belly strobe, a flickering, fire effect for jet turbine exhaust and the list goes on. Consider too, school science projects, classroom dioramas and other educational assignments that can be made to shine with Light Genie’s effects.

LIGHT GENIE™ for Model Railroaders
Does Light Genie™ Work with All Railroads?
It works with all model railroads and operates with all scales. Light Genie is also suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced modelers.Does Light Genie™ work with all brands of accessories?

What type of railroad lighting can Light Genie™ be used for?
Light Genie has 12 outputs and offers more than 20 different lighting effects. You’ll control on-off, brightness and dimming, flickering, flashing, strobe, alternating flashing lights, sequential lighting, beacon, fire-effect flickering and more.

How can I use the controls for the two 3-signal traffic lights?
Once you connect your 3-signal traffic light accessories, you’ll be able to power them on and off. When on, they cycle green-to-yellow-to-red automatically, and then repeat the cycle in reverse of each other. This allows you to set up realistic 4-corner traffic scenarios. These traffic light outputs can also be used for other lighting situations.

What are some of the applications for Light Genie on my railroad?
Use your imagination to set up vignettes that include railroad crossing lights, a police car with flashing lights, emergency vehicles with strobe lighting, roadside flares, warning lights on cell and TV towers and airport runway lights. Use our fire flickering effect to simulate a fire in a building or a campfire scene. Scenarios are unlimited.

Will I need a power supply or special bulbs?
Use your layout’s existing power supply, or order an optional power supply. Use either LEDs or incandescent bulbs.

How much rewiring is necessary to use Light Genie™ in an existing railroad layout?
It’s minimal.

As I expand my layout how many Light Genies™ can I use at one time?
Light Genie uses latest bind – in, 2.4 GHz technology allowing you to operate a virtually unlimited number of systems simultaneously without interference.

LIGHT GENIE™ for Sci-fi and other plastic kit modelers
What are the specific advantages for sci-fi and plastic kit modelers?

  • Use LEDs without inline resistors
  • Operate with batteries or an external power supply
  • Genie’s palm-size, wireless transmitter with a range of 90’, eliminates the need for cumbersome, manual controls at the base of your model.
  • At a show, an unlimited number of Light Genies can be used simultaneously

What effects can I control?
Light Genie gives you 12 light outputs and can control over more than 20 different lighting effects, including brightness and dimming, flickering, flashing, strobe, alternating flashing lights, sequential lighting, beacon, fire-effect flickering and more.

What are some of the specific applications & benefits for sci-fi modelers?

  • Add lighting effects at an economical, not an outrageous price
  • Engine lights
  • Navigation lights
  • Interior Lights
  • Exterior ID lights
  • Sequential, alternating lights for UFOs
  • Outfit a Star Ship with Flickering, Strobe, or Flashing Lights
  • Use multiple light effects in a haunted house
  • Create a creature with flashing lights for eyes
  • Use the fire-flickering effect for fire breathing aliens

As an auto and truck modeler how can I use Light Genie™

  • Headlights
  • Turn Signals
  • Emergency Vehicle Flashers
  • Emergency vehicle strobe lighting
  • Reversing Lights
  • Truck Running Lights
  • Truck Flashers
  • Trunk & Hood Lights
  • High Beams
  • Dashboard & Other Interior Lighting w/Dimming Control
  • Blinkers/4-way Flashers
  • Three signal Traffic Lights Automatically Cycling-Green-to-yellow-to- red

How can model aircraft and ships employ Light Genie’s™ lighting effects?

  • Sequential Flashing Runway Lights
  • Blinking Wing Lights
  • Rotating Beacon
  • Taxiing and Landing Lights
  • Cockpit and Instrument Panel Lighting with Dimming
  • Strobe Light Under the Belly
  • Flashing Lights
  • Flickering-fire Effect for Jet Turbine Exhaust
  • Interior and navigation lights for ships