February 3, 2011

ExactRail is raising the bar for model trains!

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There are 2 new Railbox Schemes Early and Late as well as MDW and Candian National. These FMC 5277 Combo Door Box Cars are expected to sell out so PRE-ORDER NOW!

Also in HO Scale is the 48′ Depressed Center Flat Car. These are being offered in Conrail CR, QTTX, Southern Pacific, Southern, ATSF and C&NW.

Last but not least ExactRail has announced the Evans 5277 Box Car in N Scale in D&H, ATW, EEC, IC, MB, and NSL.




KATO adds 2 more GG1’s in Amtrak and Penn Central Paint!

July 31, 2010

2 new paint schemes for the KATO GG1!

KATO has announced 2 more paint schemes to the popular N Scale GG1. The new locos will be painted in 2 numbers for both Amtrak and Penn Central! Click Here to check them out today! They are expected to be released in December 2010. Pre-Order now!

HO Scale Tangent Gons are back with 3 New Schemes!

July 16, 2010

Tangent Gons are back! Tangent is re-releasing their 70-ton drop end gondolas. In addition to the origional roads and shemes they have added: Penn Central, DL&W, and a new PRR scheme! Check them out today. We are urging customers to pre-order ASAP so that we can make sure we get the ones you want!

D&LW GonPC Gon

Click on each car above or HERE to see them all!

PRE-ORDER now! They are expected to be shipping by the end of July!

BLMA Models does it again! HO & N Scale 64′ Modern UP/ARMN Reefers!

July 16, 2010

BLMA 64' Modern Reefer

You have all seen them on the rails across the country, now you will be able to add them to your layout! These 64′ Trinity Built Modern Reefer cars can be seen in Unit Trains or in mixed manifest freights all over the US.

– The Prototype
Built by Trinity Rail starting in late 2003, the unique 64′ Reefer Box Car was designed for increased capacity, shipping protection, and loading/unloading efficiency.  Large enough to fit the equivalent of four 53′ truck trailer contents, these excess height, plate ‘F’ cars have given new life to the once flourishing refrigerated movement of produce and other perishable goods.

– Prototype Service (1993+)
With 1,500 of these massive cars in service, the 64′ Reefers have literally taken tens of thousands of truck trailers off the highways, paving the way for lower-emissions and increased capacity handling.  Furthermore, Railex Corporation has begun shipping produce in solid unit trains from their locations in Washington, California, and New York.

BLMA models is always innovative in the products that they choose to produce. This one is no exception! The long awaited release of this car is now closer then ever. As the first 64′ Reefers ever produced in any scale, these fine-scale models replicate the huge, modern appearance of the prototype – complete with end platform detail, correct printing, and lots of other fine-scale detail.

But the thing we like most about this release is that Craig kept the price reasonable! With a retail price of $29.95 for the HO model and $24.99 for the N Scale model we will be able to offer these cars at a great price to you!

The PRE-ORDER cut off date for these models is September, 15th 2010

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BLMA 64' ARMN Reefer

Another new model from BLMA the F89-J 89′ Flat Car!

February 13, 2010
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– The Prototype
Built for Trailer Train by ACF between 1966-68, the visually unique “F89-J” 89’ Flat Car was produced  for TOFC service and was the only standard-height, bowl deck car of this design by ACF. Easily identified as a common asset in the vast TTX car fleet, over 1,600 F89-J’s haul trailers, pipe, rail, bulk loads, and hundreds remain in service today! Not easily confused with any other 89’ flat car, pre-order your F-89J’s and add flair to your freight roster!

– RTTX Cars (1990’s+)
With over 1,600 F89-J’s in TTX’s roster, these cars have served in numerous freight hauling capabilities.  As modeled, our RTTX (post 1990’s TTX paint scheme) F89-J’s feature the ultra-common “Triple 28’/Twin 45′” trailer configuration.  Furthermore, each model comes with road number-specific deck and paint detail!  Got trailers?  Load’em up!

– The Models
Like all BLMA projects, our research began with builder drawings, actual dimensions, and thousands of photographs.  As the first F89-J produced in any scale, these fine-scale models replicate the unique, ribbed-side design of the prototype and feature class-specific hitch, deck, and brake detail…not to mention, accurate lettering per prototype!

Along with the fine-scale attention to detail you’ve come to know from BLMA Models, these models ride on 70-Ton trucks and fine-scale metal wheels!  Furthermore, these models feature body-mounted Kadee #58 scale couplers.

Atlas HO Trainman Plus NRE Genset Locomotive

August 7, 2009

Trainman Plus
You may be asking…
What is a Trainman® Plus model?

A: Trainman® Plus models feature separately-applied details that are not included with the standard Trainman® line.

GENSET N  Southern

The NRE Genset was introduced in 2006 to reduce emissions and fuel consumption on road-switcher type locomotives. The power comes from 2-3 smaller independent diesels (producing 700 hp each) used as tractive effort is needed. Over 170 have been built to date.

Check out our upcoming products page soon for more info!





Expected January of 2010!


  • NMRA 8-pin plug for DCC
  • True scale dimensions with accurate details
  • Separately applied grab irons
  • Ditch lights
  • Cab roof details (air conditioners, GPS, antennae)
  • MU cables
  • Realistic die-cast underframes
  • Equipped with AccuMate® Couplers

Check them out today!

BLI Paragon2 Centipedes Coming Soon!

August 5, 2009


Baldwin produced the famous “Centipede” diesel locomotives during 1945-48, and sold them to three railroads (SAL, NdM, and PRR).  The Centipedes were very large, 91 1/2 feet long, for single units as operated on SAL and NdM, and 183 feet long for semi-permanently coupled pairs as operated on the PRR.  Each unit contained two 1500 horsepower diesel motors, so a pair contained four motors and totaled 6000 horsepower.  Centipedes were heavy, totaling 1,200,000 pounds (1.2 million) for a pair, with more than 800,000 of those pounds carried by the 16 drivers.

These spectacular diesel locomotives are a MUST-HAVE for an Pennsy diesel modeler as well as anyone who wants to showcase unique, premium quality on his layout.  Don’t miss these limited run diesel gems.  Preorder today!



Centipede6webAvailable in PRR, Baldwin Demonstrator, NdeM, and SAL!

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