New 57′ Mechanical Reefers from Athearn Genesis with sound!

April 3, 2015

The highly detailed HO Scale 57′ Mechanical Reefer Athearn Genesis model is available with Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound!


One of the greatest freight car innovations of the 20th century was the creation of the refrigerator car, commonly referred to as a “reefer.” The ability to haul perishables such as fruits, vegetables and meat products across the country was a major factor in the development of modern America. No longer did food have to be produced close enough to urban areas, so that it could be consumed before spoiling. At the same time, areas with additional capacity for agricultural production could produce more food, since it did not have to be sold locally.

For many years, reefers relied on ice bunkers to keep loads cool. After World War II, technological advances made mechanical refrigeration practical for a freight car. In addition, a mechanical reefer could be larger than an ice reefer because of the greater cooling capabilities.

Fruit Growers Express owned the largest fleet of reefers in the East. FGE was owned by a group of ten railroads, with Atlantic Coast Line and Southern being two of the largest original owners. Many of FGE cars were built at its Jacksonville Shops, including these 57’ smooth-side mechanical reefers.


Available in the following roadnames:

BNFE (Burlington Northern Fruit Express)

FGE / Solid Cold (Fruit Growers Express)

SLSF (Frisco)

UP / ARMN (Union Pacific / American Refrigerator Transit Co.)

TIPX (Tropicana

Check them all out here: HO Scale 57′ Mechanical Reefers

White Rose Hobbies Price

Soundtraxx Sound (MSRP $84.98): $64.99

Non-Sound (MSRP $49.98): $38.99


Athearn Genesis GP15-1’s Available for Pre-Order!

October 27, 2009


Athearn is releasing the GP15-1 in their Genesis Line. This will be the most prototypical and detailed GP15-1 on the market.

• Fully assembled and ready to operate
• State-of-the-art tooling
• Detailed fuel tank • See-through etched radiator intake grilles
• Etched top radiator screens
• Sliding cab windows
• DCC Quick-Plug™ equipped (8 or 9 Pin)
• Directional Lighting
• Blomberg-B or Blomberg-M sideframes, per prototype
• Super-Smooth Athearn Genesis® Trucks and Motor
• Hex drive line
• Etched windshield wipers• Etched lift rings
• Directional Headlights
• Operating front / rear ditch lights (per prototype and era)
• Sander Lines, air filters, and other under frame detail
• Sound Units Feature SoundTraxx Tsunami Sound Decoders
• McHenry® Scale Knuckle Spring Couplers
• Razor sharp painting and printing
• Machined nickel-plated and blackened RP25 wheels
• Many separate injection-molded, lost-wax, and photo-etched parts
• Molded Celcon handrails (now with one-piece end handrails for increased durability)
• Many, RR specific-details, such as C&NW “Gong” Bell, MP extra jacking pads, etc.
• Impingement (louvered) or Inertial Air Filter (“dustbin hatch”) carbody versions, per prototype
• Plows, MU hoses, MU cables, and other end details per prototype and era

• Tsunami sound units from SoundTraxx are compatible with both DCC and DC operations.
• Program an M/U lashup with lead unit only horn, bell and lights.
• Full DCC functions when in DCC mode.

Available in Chicago Northwestern, Conrail, Missouri Pacific, and Norfolk Southern.

DC Retail $169.98     WRH (20%) $135.99

DCC/Tsunami Sound Retail $269.98     WRH (20%) $215.99

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NEW Bowser/Stewart HO Scale U-25B’s this fall!

August 26, 2009

Bowser has made many improvements to their GE U25 Diesel Locomotives including a New die cast frame with a new fuel tank, fuel fills, and site glass. Other details include Brass MU Hoses, brass air hoses, brass windshield wipers, steel grab irons, steel coupler lift bars, operating headlight, window glass, can motor, brass flywheels, nickel silver wheels with RP25 flanges, metal knuckle couplers, DCC ready, warm white LED headlight.  New handrails and they are installed.  Body is easily removed if necessary.

The Stewart GE units will be delivered this fall in 4 roadnames including Maine Central, Frisco, Chessie System, and Conrail.

Stewart 23377

Stewart 23381

Stewart 23383

Stewart 23387

They will be available with Soundtraxx Tsunami DCC/Sound. DCCinstalled will also have DC units available with a DCC upgrade option.

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New N Scale Athearn F45/FP45’s with DCC & Sound!

May 10, 2009

N Scale Athearn FP45New N Scale Athearn F45 and FP45 Locomotives have arrived! These models are now equipped with Soundtraxx Tsunami DCC & Sound. They sound great! They are avalible in Santa Fe (Warbonnet & Pinstripe), Great Northern, and Milwaukee Road paint schemes. These units are by far the best sounding N scale locomotives that Athearn has ever released. Get yours today!

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Athearn teams up with Soundtraxx!

April 29, 2009

athearn logo

soundtraxx logo

Here is the Press Release from Athearn:
April 29, 2009

Athearn to Offer SoundTraxx Tsunami Equipped Locomotives

Athearn Trains is excited to announce that all sound-equipped HO-scale Genesis locomotives, as well as Athearn N Scale and Roundhouse sound locomotives announced after April 27th, 2009 will proudly feature SoundTraxx Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders. Custom designed for Athearn, these state-of-the-art Digital Sound Decoders will include the following features:

* Tsunami technology that provides smoot and precise locomotive operation.
* Back-EMF control for consistent operating speeds.
* Compatible with the NMRA DCC Standards and Recommended Practices.
* Dual-mode capability to allow for operation on Analog or DCC layouts.
* 16-bit digital processor provides CD quality sound technology.
* Diesel decoders will include the following sound effects: prime mover startup/shutdown, bell, air horn (with several user-selectable horn types), air compressor, turbocharger (where applicable), dynamic brakes (where applicable), brake squeal, fans, coupler crash, and many more.
* Steam decoders will include the following sound effects: exhaust chuff, bell, whistle, air pump, dynamo, injectors, and many more.
* HO-Scale models will feature effect lighting (as applicable per prototype), including:
o Mars oscillating signal lights (clear and red, as applicable per prototype)
o Pyle Gyralights (clear and red, as applicable per prototype)
o Western-Cullen rotary beacons
o Prime Stratolite sequential beacons
o Xenon Strobes
o Flashing ditch lights
o and more!
* Programmable acceleration, deceleration, and starting voltage.
* Supports 14-bit address modes for addressing any Loco number up to 9,999.
* Supports programming on the main.

Please visit keyword: SoundTraxx, to obtain a list of specific locomotives that will be equipped with SoundTraxx Digital Sound decoders.

The Folks at Athearn

DCCinstalled – Conrail SD40’s in special paint schemes coming this spring!

February 5, 2009

DCCinstalled will be offering Conrail EMD SD40 Units from Athearn wearing special paint schemes this spring. We will have 2 options for each unit, DCC only or DCC+Sound.

89851 Conrail #6300 US Savings Bonds89851 Conrail #6300 US Savings Bonds

89858 Conrail United Way #628589858 Conrail United Way #6285

89859 Conrail United Way #628889859 Conrail United Way #6288

Our Prices will be:

Upgraded to DCC: 104.99

Upgraded to DCC with Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound: 189.99

If you are interested in any of these units that will be upgraded by DCCinstalled please let us know so that we may ensure one will be availble for you at:

Athearn SD40 Banner