NEW Affordable EMD SD70ACe diesels coming soon from Walthers Mainline

April 5, 2015

Walthers Mainline is introducing a new model to appeal to the model railroader on a budget. These new SD70Ace HO Scale models will be available at White Rose Hobbies for only $99.99 for DC models and $159.99 for models with SoundTraxx Sound and DCC. They are expected to be in the shop June/July 2015. Pre-Orders should be in by April 30th to ensure that you get the one you want. Email ( us to get on the list. You can also contact us on our Facebook Page, don’t forget to like us when your there to see more product updates and other product information.


The Walthers ACe’s will be available in 4 road numbers, 2 DC and 2 DCC for each of the following road names in the initial release:

Burlington Northern Santa Fe – BNSF
Kansas City Southern – KCS
Canadian National – CN
Norfolk Southern – NS
Union Pacific – UP

Click Here to see all of them and check out the details!


New 57′ Mechanical Reefers from Athearn Genesis with sound!

April 3, 2015

The highly detailed HO Scale 57′ Mechanical Reefer Athearn Genesis model is available with Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound!


One of the greatest freight car innovations of the 20th century was the creation of the refrigerator car, commonly referred to as a “reefer.” The ability to haul perishables such as fruits, vegetables and meat products across the country was a major factor in the development of modern America. No longer did food have to be produced close enough to urban areas, so that it could be consumed before spoiling. At the same time, areas with additional capacity for agricultural production could produce more food, since it did not have to be sold locally.

For many years, reefers relied on ice bunkers to keep loads cool. After World War II, technological advances made mechanical refrigeration practical for a freight car. In addition, a mechanical reefer could be larger than an ice reefer because of the greater cooling capabilities.

Fruit Growers Express owned the largest fleet of reefers in the East. FGE was owned by a group of ten railroads, with Atlantic Coast Line and Southern being two of the largest original owners. Many of FGE cars were built at its Jacksonville Shops, including these 57’ smooth-side mechanical reefers.


Available in the following roadnames:

BNFE (Burlington Northern Fruit Express)

FGE / Solid Cold (Fruit Growers Express)

SLSF (Frisco)

UP / ARMN (Union Pacific / American Refrigerator Transit Co.)

TIPX (Tropicana

Check them all out here: HO Scale 57′ Mechanical Reefers

White Rose Hobbies Price

Soundtraxx Sound (MSRP $84.98): $64.99

Non-Sound (MSRP $49.98): $38.99

We’re going GREEN! Check out the 2 latest announcements from ExactRail!

August 2, 2011

Click Here for the 60′ Box Cars

The HO Scale Box Cars are available in Norfolk Southern NS, Conrail CR, Penn Central PC, Detroit Toledo & Ironton DT&I, and CSX/NYC ex-Conrail.

Click Here for the 65′ Mill Gondolas

The HO Scale  gondolas are available in Missouri Pacific MP, Southern Pacific SP, Chicago & Northwestern C&NW, & UP/MP

Tanget Models Union Pacific Bethlehem Quad Hoppers are ready to hit the rails!

July 18, 2010

Tangent Scale Models is proud to offer the 3600 cubic foot Bethlehem Steel design open quad hopper – as delivered to Union Pacific – as the fourth all-new model in their HO scale product line.   These cars represent UP’s largest fleet of coal hoppers in company history.   First produced in 1974 by Bethlehem Steel as UP class H-100-10, production of a majority of the fleet occurred in UP’s Albina Shops in Portland OR between 1976 and 1981.   Production of this important fleet ended with the H-100-23 class, after UP placed more than 6,900 of these “quad” hoppers in service in the rapidly-growing Western low-sulfur coal market.   As usual, Tangent Scale Models is the first manufacturer to offer this unique model in HO Scale plastic!   With these cars wandering far beyond just UP rails in both unit and carload services, consider adding some of these replicas to your layout or collection.

Tangent UP Quad Hoppers

Click Here to see all 9 Schemes plus an undecorated model!

Priced at 32.95 for singles and 88.95 for 3-Packs!

BLMA Models does it again! HO & N Scale 64′ Modern UP/ARMN Reefers!

July 16, 2010

BLMA 64' Modern Reefer

You have all seen them on the rails across the country, now you will be able to add them to your layout! These 64′ Trinity Built Modern Reefer cars can be seen in Unit Trains or in mixed manifest freights all over the US.

– The Prototype
Built by Trinity Rail starting in late 2003, the unique 64′ Reefer Box Car was designed for increased capacity, shipping protection, and loading/unloading efficiency.  Large enough to fit the equivalent of four 53′ truck trailer contents, these excess height, plate ‘F’ cars have given new life to the once flourishing refrigerated movement of produce and other perishable goods.

– Prototype Service (1993+)
With 1,500 of these massive cars in service, the 64′ Reefers have literally taken tens of thousands of truck trailers off the highways, paving the way for lower-emissions and increased capacity handling.  Furthermore, Railex Corporation has begun shipping produce in solid unit trains from their locations in Washington, California, and New York.

BLMA models is always innovative in the products that they choose to produce. This one is no exception! The long awaited release of this car is now closer then ever. As the first 64′ Reefers ever produced in any scale, these fine-scale models replicate the huge, modern appearance of the prototype – complete with end platform detail, correct printing, and lots of other fine-scale detail.

But the thing we like most about this release is that Craig kept the price reasonable! With a retail price of $29.95 for the HO model and $24.99 for the N Scale model we will be able to offer these cars at a great price to you!

The PRE-ORDER cut off date for these models is September, 15th 2010

Click Here to PRE-ORDER the N Scale Models!

Click Here to PRE-ORDER the HO Scale Models!

BLMA 64' ARMN Reefer

2010 Locomotive of the year? Athearn Genesis SD70ACe now has a release date!

January 21, 2010

The long awaited SD70Ace model from Athearn’s Genesis line is expected to be delivered to White Rose Hobbies this September. Available with or without SoundTraxx Tsunami sound, Athearn’s SD70ACe locomotive is a must-have for serious model-railroading enthusiasts.

Visit to see all the details today! You can add your email address to be notified when they arrive or place a firm pre-order now!

In order to meet the stricter diesel locomotive emissions standards imposed by the EPA Tier II regulations, EMD modified the SD70MAC and created the SD70ACe. The SD70ACe is powered by a 16 cylinder, 710G3C-T2 diesel engine, producing 4,300 horsepower. The engine drives an alternator producing AC current that is rectified to DC current and then “chopped” back into AC to power the traction motors. The engine and electrical system are similar to the SD70MAC, but updated with newer technology. Much of the external design is based on the SD90 series locomotives. Some of these features include the full height nose door and rectangular windshields, the large flared radiators with two fans, and the positioning of the dynamic brake equipment at the rear of the long hood. In addition, the inverters were moved from inside the long hood to a box on the walkway behind the cab. Four demonstrator locomotives were built in 2003, followed by 20 pre-production units for CSX in 2004. Full production started in 2005 and through 2009, 820 SD70ACe’s have been built for the US and Mexico. Nine more were exported to Venezuela and 46 built for BHP Billiton’s iron ore operation in Pilbara, Australia. In addition 10 units from BNSF’s 2008 order were diverted to BHP. Union Pacific painted six units in paint schemes commemorating the six railroads that were merged into UP in the 1980’s and 1990’s and renumbered them for the year of the mergers.

The first run will include the following roadnames: Union Pacific/Missouri Pacific Heritage, BNSF, KCS, and Union Pacific.

Atlas Genset locomotive photos now available!

January 8, 2010

Atlas Genset locomotive photos now available and they look great!

They will be in-stock soon! Search “genset” at White Rose Hobbies Today! The Atlas Trainman Genset will make a nice addition to any model train collection.

There are 2 roadnumbers in: BNSF, Norfolk Southern, CSX, Pacific Harbor Lines, and Union Pacific.