We’re going GREEN! Check out the 2 latest announcements from ExactRail!

August 2, 2011

Click Here for the 60′ Box Cars

The HO Scale Box Cars are available in Norfolk Southern NS, Conrail CR, Penn Central PC, Detroit Toledo & Ironton DT&I, and CSX/NYC ex-Conrail.

Click Here for the 65′ Mill Gondolas

The HO Scale  gondolas are available in Missouri Pacific MP, Southern Pacific SP, Chicago & Northwestern C&NW, & UP/MP


KATO Limited Edition C&NW Dynanmic Duo is available NOW!

July 10, 2010

The headliner of GE’s 1993 freight locomotive line was the 6 motor, 4400hp C44-9W “Dash 9.” Slightly longer than its predecessors at 73 feet, 2 inches, the C44-9W used a new HiAd, bolsterless low-weight truck that was designed for better grip on the rails no matter the weather. A split cooling system lowered engine temperatures and fuel consumption as well, granting these locomotives a longer operation life and lower overhead costs.

The Kato C44-9W Has been retooled from its original N scale incarnation; featuring separately molded handrails, new walkways with crisper detailing, new undercarriage and fuel tank detailing, high mounted ditch lights and a prototypically more accurate anti-climber, molded MU hoses, illuminated numberboards, prototypical late type Hi-Ad trucks, and a new Kato straight shank knuckle coupler for a more prototypical appearance. The Chicago & North Western railroad, long since incorporated into the Union Pacific, lives on to this day in the form of C44-9W #8646 and #8701, the last surviving locomotives still to bear their original Chicago & North Western colors. These two locomotives are a favorite of C&NW followers, and Kato is proud to announce their production in both N and HO Scales in a limited run to pay homage to these long-lasting locomotives.

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to check them out!

Introducing the Proto 2000 EMD SW9/1200 Diesels in HO Scale!

December 6, 2009

In Service: 1954 – Present.

Primary Assignment: Yard and industrial switcher, one preserved unit.

By 1954, railroads were buying diesels as fast as EMD could build them, and customer demand for more powerful units carried over into the switcher market as well. With the introduction of the new 567C prime mover that year, EMD rolled out its new 1200-horsepower SW9/1200 model, which shared the same basic body (with minor variations) and power rating with its predecessor, the SW9 (which had a 567B prime mover). SW9/1200s were produced through 1966, when earlier GPs began taking over yard chores, but these later SW models have lead long lives, with many still serving shortline and industrial roads long after “retirement” by the original owners.

Visit www.whiterosehobbies.com and search SW1200 today for more information or to Pre-Order!

Available in: North American Ethanol (North American Ethanol Series Scheme), CNW, Philadelphia, Bethlehem & New England, NYC, Chessie/B&O, UP, CB&Q ATSF

NEW Exactrail N Scale car announced, the PS-4000 Covered Hopper in N Scale!

October 13, 2009

Exactrail has just announced their latest car in the N Scale Series, the PS-2CD 4000 Covered Hopper. The car will be available in Southern Pacific, ATSF, CNW, ICG, MILW, Wabash, Norfolk & Western, Southern, Burlington Northern, and Northern Pacific!

These cars will feature: Etched Metal Details, CNC machined wheels, razor sharp printing and precision tooling!

Coming to http://www.dccinstalled.com soon!

NEW Bowser HO Scale 100-Ton Tripple Hoppers!

July 1, 2009

Bowsers latest run of RTR 100-Ton Hoppers has arrived! This run includes the Pennsylvania Power & Light (PPLX) cars in both the double yellow end and single yellow end scheme (Sold Out at Bowser!). Other road names include Reading & Northern (RBMN), Norfolk Southern, and Chicago & Northwestern (C&NW).




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KATO N Scale SD70ACe’s are coming this summer!

April 1, 2009

KATO N Scale UP Heritage Fleet

Click Here to see them all!

We have a link on each item to allow you to enter your email address. This will automatically notifiy you as soon as they are availible for sale. There will be 4 Union Pacific “Flag” units with the Southern Pacific, C&NW, and D&RGW heritage schemes to follow! We hope to see their arrival by June.