New 50′ Evans-USRE 5277 Boxcars from ExactRail Coming Soon!

September 7, 2011

New HO Scale 50′ Evans-USRE 5277 Boxcars from ExactRail Coming Soon! This will be release in there feature packed and affordable Evolution Series line.

This car will be available in several roadnames including, Burlington Northern (BN), Rock Island, Railbox (RBOX), Louisiana Midland Railway (LOAM), and Lake Erie Franklin & Clarion (LEF) and also as an undecorated kit.

We will add them here as soon as more details are released.


We’re going GREEN! Check out the 2 latest announcements from ExactRail!

August 2, 2011

Click Here for the 60′ Box Cars

The HO Scale Box Cars are available in Norfolk Southern NS, Conrail CR, Penn Central PC, Detroit Toledo & Ironton DT&I, and CSX/NYC ex-Conrail.

Click Here for the 65′ Mill Gondolas

The HO Scale  gondolas are available in Missouri Pacific MP, Southern Pacific SP, Chicago & Northwestern C&NW, & UP/MP


February 3, 2011

ExactRail is raising the bar for model trains!

Check out all the latest releases from ExactRail at

There are 2 new Railbox Schemes Early and Late as well as MDW and Candian National. These FMC 5277 Combo Door Box Cars are expected to sell out so PRE-ORDER NOW!

Also in HO Scale is the 48′ Depressed Center Flat Car. These are being offered in Conrail CR, QTTX, Southern Pacific, Southern, ATSF and C&NW.

Last but not least ExactRail has announced the Evans 5277 Box Car in N Scale in D&H, ATW, EEC, IC, MB, and NSL.



More items added to our clearance pages!

February 25, 2010

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ExactRail Evans box cars now only 19.99, 4427 covered hoppers most only 27.99. Gunderson gons under 15 bucks!

Walthers covered hoppers 25.99 and less.

Athearn 60′ Berwick boxcars only 16.99!

These cars won’t last long at these prices so pick them up while they last!

Exactrail 4427 Covered Hoppers and PC&F Beer Cars Still Available!

January 8, 2010

We have many cars available that are sold out at Exactrail!

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Exactrail Sale!

January 6, 2010

With the rate of new Exactrail cars coming out we need to make some room!

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Bring in the new year with some new gons! Exactrail Thrall 3267 Gons are coming!

December 30, 2009

Available January 5th!

New Release! HO Scale Thrall 3267 Gondola

Visit to Pre-Order Today!

These will sell out fast!

The Thrall 3267 Gondola features:

  • Designed, engineered and tooled in the United States!
  • Precision micro-tooled
  • Never before produced in any scale!
  • ExactRail’s CNC-machined metal wheel sets
  • ExactRail’s equalized ASF 100 ton Ride Control trucks
  • Stainless steel cross-over walks
  • Free-standing wire details
  • Seperately applied details
  • Razor sharp painting and printing
Roads Sku: Road Number
BNSF: EP-80700-1: 518401 EP-80700-2: 518425 EP-80700-3: 518444
CSXT: EP-80701-1: 491002 EP-80701-2: 491 018 EP-80701-3: 491034
CP: EP-80702-1: 355007 EP-80702-2: 355016 EP-80702-3: 355088
SP: EP-80703-1: 365019 EP-80703-2: 365022 EP-80703-3: 365043
TTX: EP-80704-1: 297376 EP-80704-2: 297383 EP-80704-3: 297391
NOKL: EP-80705-1: 360110 EP-80705-2: 360113 EP-80705-3: 360116

Contemporary Presence.

The Thrall 3267 Mill Gondola is an icon for contemporary American industrial railcars. It has massive presence that is clean, utilitarian, and ultra-modern. Production of the 3267 Mill Gondola began in the mid 90’s, and it continues today with little to no change in design.

ExactRail precision micro-tools to satisfy the most up-to-date demands in a fast moving industry. Complete with wire-form grab irons and coupler cut lever, ExactRail’s Thrall 3267 gondola also features photo-etched, stainless steel brake platorms, stand-apart underframe details and free-standing brake rods. From reinforced corrugated ends, scale draft gear and ExactRail’s exclusive equalized 100 Ton ASF Ride Control trucks and CNC-machined metal wheel sets, keep your rolling stock in the now with contemporary freight cars from ExactRail.