Check out the HO Scale Trinity 31,000 Gallon Crude Oil Tank Cars coming this summer from ScaleTrains

February 28, 2016

White Rose Hobbies / is now a select dealer for ScaleTrains products. We are excited to be partnered up with a new innovative company. Check out the HO Scale Trinity 31,000 Gallon Crude Oil Tank Cars coming this summer from ScaleTrains available in 2 levels of detail!


First lets explain the 2 levels of detail that will be offered:

OP-Logo_largeOperator™ trains are built for modelers who enjoy running high-quality, realistic trains at an affordable price. Designed from builder’s drawings and photographs, Operator models have fewer factory-applied parts and simplified printing. For added versatility, super-detail parts are available separately.

RC-Logo_largeThe Rivet Counter™ line strives to create the most accurately detailed models imaginable. The real-world counterpart is meticulously researched to ensure prototype fidelity. Each model features numerous factory applied parts including roadname and road number specific details whenever possible.

DPRX-Rivet-Counter-Tank-Cars_1DPRX-Rivet-Counter-Tank-Cars_5 Rivet-Counter-Tank-Cars_Glamour


Since 2012, TrinityRail® has built thousands of 31,000 Gallon Crude Oil Tank Cars to meet the growing needs of the oil industry. Mile-long unit trains with 100+ cars crisscross the United States and Canada daily to deliver crude from the oil fields of North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana to refineries on the East, Gulf and West Coasts. The TrinityRail tank car is easy recognizable by its unique trapezoid-shaped end shields.

• Multiple road numbers
• Factory assembled
Color matched to Tru-Color Paint

Operator Features:
• Distinct model details
• Simplified underbody brake rigging details
• Body mounted semi scale knuckle couplers
• Accurately profiled .110″ wide wheel tread
• Available separately- modeler applied
detail parts and decal sheet with
additional lettering
Rivet Counter Features:
• Etched-metal head shields
• Detailed manway cover and protective housing
• See-throug top and end platforms
• Simplified underbody brake rigging details
• Sturdy metal anti-personnel rods
• Detailed tank saddles with defect card holders
• Metal corner and end sill grab irons
• Underbody outlet valve and chain
• FRA-224 yellow conspicuity striping
• Printed hazmat placards
• ASF Motion Control Super Service 110-ton trucks with rotating bearing caps
• Numerous separately applied brake parts
• Metal semi-scale SE Type double-shelf knuckle couplers
• 36″ metal wheels

Available in the following road names:

Deep Rock Refining DPRX (Operator Series 12 #’s, Rivet Counter Series 24 #’s)
Trinity Industries Leasing TILX (Operator Series 12 #’s, Rivet Counter Series 24 #’s)
General American Transportation Company GATX (Operator Series 12 #’s, Rivet Counter Series 24 #’s)
Valero Marketing and Supply Co. VMSX (Operator Series 12 #’s, Rivet Counter Series 24 #’s)

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“Executive Line” Trinity 53′ Spine Cars – 3 & 5 Car Sets Getting Closer to Release!

November 11, 2009

Here is a pre-production photo of the Trinity “RAF33” 3 Unit Spine Car Sets

Visit today to Pre-Order yours today!

TTAX 3 Unit RAF33 Sets: $69.99

TTAX 5 Unit RAF53C Sets: $119.99

Another new N Scale car from BLMA Trinity 53′ Spine Cars!

October 9, 2009

BLMA has made another great announcement for the N Scale market! The 5-Unit 53′ Spine car is just what intermodal modelers have been waiting for! The Trinity 53′ “RAF53C” 5-Unit Spine Car will feature BLMA’s new highly detailed and smooth running trucks and wheel sets. These highly detailed cars will both look and track great!


More Features!

•  Die-Cast Metal & Plastic
•  Fine-Scale Detail All Around
•  Chemically Etched Walkways
•  Accurately Painted/Printed
•  Prototypical Ride Height
•  Collapsed or Raised Hitches!
•  ALL-NEW 70-Ton ASF Ride Control Trucks!
•  ALL-NEW Scale Profile Metal Wheels
•  Body-Mounted Micro-Trains Couplers
•  Four Unique TTAX Numbers!

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Exactrail 4427 Covered Hopper and Trinity Hy-Cube shipping soon!

July 12, 2009

There is still time to pre-order these 2 exciting new cars from We have already increased our order a few times to meet demand!ep-80153-bn-hopper-07

Check out the high-res info sheets that Exactrail has sent out!

HO Scale 4427 PS2-CD low-side Covered Hopper

HO Scale Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar

N Scale Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar

Our prices are around 20% of retail on these high quality cars!



Available for Pre-Order now on

New Exactrail N Scale Hy-Cube Boxcar!

June 22, 2009

Exactrail has announced its latest offering in N Scale! The Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar. The car is being offered in four road names with a total of fifteen road numbers and will be released on July 15th.

Trinity N Scale Hy-Cube

Click Here to see whats coming!

Exactrail Trinity Hy-Cube Boxcar Announced!

June 4, 2009


The Trinity Hy-Cube box car is the newest addition to Exactrail’s  product line up. The Trinity Hy-Cube box car is part of their Evolution Series which provides great detail with beautiful paint schemes and many road numbers to choose from. These cars come with the best trucks and wheels in the business, highly detailed construction, and even metal parts, all at a great price.

This box car comes in 4 road names and 15 total road numbers.


TTX (Yellow): 505248 505269 505291 505325 505355 505376
SRY (Red): 9339 9372 9416 SRY (Blue): 5472 5520 5539
CN (Brown): 405610 405658 405682

exactrail trinity hy-cube boxcar

Expected to arrive July 15th 2009

…along with the PS 4427 Covered Hopper in the ExactRail Platinum Series